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Alektra Lux is a hot milf journalist who has an interesting show for you today. This mom is going to interview an acclaimed travel blogger named Brock Cooper, who is a ladies’ guy. His popularity stems from fucking attractive women all over the world. She dresses sexily to attend the show. When she arrives at his house, he greets her with a kiss on the cheek. His sex stories turns her on, and she couldn’t wait to experience his cock. She is horny and can’t contain herself, so she excuses herself to the restroom and masturbates. Alektra Lux rubs her pussy until she cums.

When she returns, she desperately wants to get down with him and fuck. They kiss romantically while hastily undressing. This mom is now crazy and can’t wait to put the cock in her mouth since she enjoys sucking a big cock. On her knees, she blowjobs him while looking at him with her sexy eyes. He reciprocates with a kiss. After sucking the cock to her pleasure, she climbs on top and rides the throbbing cock. He then pounds her pussy hard with kisses before banging her in the doggy position. She urges him to increase the pumping during the missionionary fuck. You will jerk off watching these fascinating scenes.

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