Linzee Ryder hot mom remains at the bar to fuck the bartender


Linzee Ryder is the last customer at the bar, dressed as a harlot to woo the bartender. This mom is not into drinking anymore and prefers to fuck instead. Joshua Lewis is more than willing to gratify her desire for the cock. She catwalks to the sofa and takes a seat. She plays dirty to tease him, exposing her large, luscious boobs. This sexy babe has no panties and has been feeling good without it all the while. To gain his attention, she touches her pussy while groaning. Joshua Lewis has been hard washing down the counter before closing. She walks up to him and has a sexual conversation with him, begging him to fuck her.

Gazing onto her ample breasts Joshua Lewis is unable to help but touch them. She jumps up on the counter and spreads out so he can devour her lustful pussy. Before long, they’re on the lounge, Linzee Ryder sucking his cock. Clothes removed, they lies on the sofa and he fucks her hard, holding up her leg. The fucking is enjoyable for her when she is on top of him. Then he gives her a dog-style ass fucking, causing her to sag and erupt in pleasure. His desire to cum becomes overwhelming as he increases the pumping, so he stops to give her a cumshot in the mouth.

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